Private Hard Money Lender for Sarasota County, Florida

Are you looking for a private hard money lender in Sarasota County, Florida? Windom Mortgage Services is the premier hard money lender in the area with over 25 years of experience. Our team understands the unique needs of our customers and treats them as individuals, not numbers. With a long-standing reputation for providing reliable and trustworthy services to our clients, you can be sure that we will always strive to reach the best possible outcome on behalf of each customer.

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What Is a Hard Money Lender?

A hard money lender is a non-institutional investor that provides short-term loans to individuals or companies for real estate investments. Here are the key functions of a private hard money lender:

  • Funding Real Estate Projects: Private hard money lenders provide funding for real estate projects that traditional lenders may not consider, such as fix-and-flip properties, land purchases, or construction projects. We are able to do this because we evaluate the investment property based on its potential value rather than your credit history.
  • Short-Term Loans: Private hard money lenders typically provide short-term loans, usually ranging from six months to three years. We believe in our clients and want them to reach their goals quickly and efficiently.
  • Quick Approval Process: Private hard money lenders often have a faster approval process than traditional lenders. We know that the sooner you are able to get to work on your project, the quicker you can make your dreams come true.

Find fast funding without having to worry about being stuck with an unfavorable rate or having your application denied due to unreasonable criteria from other lenders. Receive personalized service focused on helping you find a loan tailored specifically to meet your individual needs so that you can get back on track financially.

If you have any questions about our rates or wish to know more about the application process, feel free to reach out to us at 941-364-2282 or cell: 941-504-7095 or fill out the form on our contact page.