Here are some Testimonials from just a few of my satisfied clients:

Mara S. - Jacksonville, FL

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I often brag how quickly my refinance was completed. Hope you are doing well!! Thank you again!

Kristen, Travis, Mason and Ethan - Punta Gorda, FL

Words can't even express how grateful our family is for all your hard work you've put in to make this happen for us......you've definitely gone above and beyond. We are beyond excited to be getting the keys to our new home tomorrow, this truly is a dream come true for us!! Both you and Debra have been so wonderful to work with and I know without all your experience and expertise we wouldn't have made it past all the bumps in the road. I can't say enough great things about our experience, every time I had a question or needed guidance you were both right there to help out day, night or even weekends......that's pretty much unheard of. We will definitely refer anyone we know to you😊. Thank you so much for not giving up on us.....you not only took on the challenges but exceeded our expectations finding us an excellent loan with an excellent rate.

Thank you again!!! We truly can't thank you enough! 

Barb O. - Sarasota, FL

You and Debra were very professional, helpful and thorough throughout the process. We were extremely happy and satisfied every step of the way and I will definitely refer you to anyone seeking your services.
Thank you so much,

Chris B. - Bradenton, FL

Dear Bob,

Well the dust has settled enough for us to spend a little time looking back at how far we have travelled in the last 12 months.

It seems a long time since we asked a friend in Sarasota for a recommendation to a good mortgage adivsor who could put an unusual package together.

Your name came from a mutual friend whom I trust, respect and admire - so Gayle and I entered your offices in the knowledge that we were likely to receive good customer service.

We presented you with a challenge - an English couple with 5 children, looking to build a substantial home in the area, looking to re-locate a successful business but with no track record in the USA.

We wanted to find a lender, without paying extortionate fees and interest.  We wanted someone to "hold our hands" through a foreign financial system, we wanted a project manager to look after our interests whilst we continued to live and work in the UK and finally, we wanted someone who listened, understood and acted as our friend and advocate.

Bob, you have been a perfect choice in all categories and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to make a lifetime dream come true.

Robin S. - Sarasota, FL


Thanks, job well done.  The check is deposited and just waiting for it to clear my bank.

David F. - Sarasota, FL

Hi Bob,

Thanks for checking up to see how everything went.  It did go very smoothly.  

Working with you was a pleasure, I would recommend you to anyone.  You did a great job of explaining all of the different facets to this difficult process.  Yes I feel very fortunate to get such a low rate, especially since it was only that low for a short period of time.  I guess I managed to time at least one thing in my life perfectly.

Thanks again, Lori and I are very happy with the new mortgage, I hope business stays good for you, have a great Christmas.

Rob L. - Naples, FL

Thanks Bob.  We got the mortgage payment and set up for the automatic withdrawal from here on out.

Coincidentally, I gave your name to 3 friends yesterday evening, 2 of whom are real estate attorneys and the other is a real estate agent.  I shared about about how great our experience was.  You're the only person I'll refer business to.

Don't forget to give us the heads up when you and your wife plan a trip to Naples.

Anthony M. - Naples, FL

Bob, I am typing this e-mail with my wife and daughter over my shoulder.  We just want you to know that we have been working on this process on and off for about four years.   During that time, we had gotten to know a few mortgage brokers.  At the end of each time, the process rather fell apart for one reason or another.  On our last attempt, we did our web search and found the organization, UMB.  That is how we found you a couple of years back.  I read the statement from UMB and it talked about honesty, integrity, and most of all, being upfront and open.  We just want you to know Bob that you lived up to every part of that.  You were always actively working to help us.  You exercised extereme patience as you explained the different parts of the process.  Sometimes more than once.  We consider ourselves very fortunate to have run across you.  Not only will we recommend you but also actively send business your way if the opportunity arises.  We are very excited about moving into our new home and we know that we could not have done it without you.  Thank you so much Bob.

Arun R. - Sunrise, FL

Dear Bob,

i would like to extend my greatest gratitude and thanks regarding your services during this loan process.

Although it was a difficult file to work on, there was a high degree of efficiency that truly made it easy, the communication and information flow was beyond excellent.

I sincerely appreciate the personal support and wish your business continued success moving forward.

After seeing your proven professionalism and insight, I will highly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a quality loan provider in the future.  If there are any places you would  like me to leave feedback, do let me know. 

Many thanks,


Scott & Kristine B. - Bradenton, FL


Thank you for all of your assistance during the loan process, it definitely made my life easier.  I will absolutely put you in touch with anyone in the market.  Thanks again and have a great day.

Best Regards,


100% Satisfaction

I think it needs to be noted that Bob wanted to come to the Closing but due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, he was not able. This should in no way reflect poorly on him. He was BEYOND amazing and I am very glad I went with him!! I cannot say enough good things about Bob. :)

Tiffany L.

Sarasota, FL